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How Do I Know My Roof Needs Replacement

When is it time to replace your roof? How can you tell if your roof needs replacement? How do you know which type of roof, or what signs indicate need for a new roof? There are many considerations that should be made when it comes to replacing the roof on a building.

The roof of a building is one of the most important parts, and should not be overlooked when assessing its condition. It provides protection for all that lies beneath it from rain, snow, hail, leaves and other debris during storms or periods of high winds; this includes people as well as machinery or equipment stored on the property.

When you think about your roof replacement options:

  • How much are repairs costing?
  • How old is my roof?
  • What type do I need to replace it with (single ply vs shingles)?
  • Is my home in an area prone to heavy storm damage such as hurricanes or tornadoes?
  • How can you tell if your roof is beyond repair or in need of replacement?

These questions may help determine if now might be time for a new rooftop. The amount of leaks, holes or missing shingles should be examined closely to determine if roof replacement is needed.

Other things to look for are water stains on ceilings, sagging or bowing of the roof and discoloration on interior walls).

If you have a flat roof then leaks can lead to pooling in low spots which creates an ideal environment for mold growth. If your home has a steeper angle such as a hip rafter system then it may take longer before leaking becomes apparent enough that you will need replacement.

Signs that indicate a new roof may be needed

  • The amount of leaks, holes or missing shingles.
  • How old the roof is and its condition (i.e., plywood vs asphalt).
  • Whether you’re living near areas prone to heavy storm damage such as hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • If there are any major repairs that have been neglected for an extended period of time which could lead to increased risk for more problems like mold growth or structural integrity issues.  How you feel about your roof.


How do I know what type of new rooftop is best for my home?

The choice of a roof type is determined by your home’s purpose, its geographic location and the materials available in those areas. Some of the primary factors to consider when purchasing a new rooftop are as follows:

  • How long will my roof last? How much maintenance does it require?
  • Is the style of rooftop compatible with our home’s architecture or desired aesthetic?
  • How much water can this type of roof withstand before needing to be repaired, replaced, or resealed?
  • What are the additional costs associated with maintaining a certain roofing material over time (e.g., repairs)? How do these compare to other types of materials and their corresponding costs and repair needs/frequency?).

In choosing a new roofing material, the following are important:

  • affordability
  • durability
  • aesthetics
  • how it fits in with the local climate
  • how long warranties last and whether they cover installation or repair (i.e., asphalt vs metal)

Beyond just examining cost factors such as cost per square foot, some important considerations are how often roofs need replacement based on their surface type (plywood vs asphalt) or geographic location relative to seismic activity and heavy storm winds.

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