Nottingham Roof Maintenance Tips

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you, whether it’s a new or existing building, we have the expertise to install any type of rubber roofing system on your property.

We can maintain metal roofs by the following tips

Maintenance of metal roofs involves the following:

  • Check the seams between panels and replace any missing or corroded fasteners. 
  • Maintain them by cleaning with a power washer, which will keep dirt from accumulating on top of the metal, sealant from drying out, and may prevent corrosion. Remove any stubborn moss or lichen from the roof, cleaning off bird droppings and soot with a pressure washer, applying sealant every few years.
  • Keep shrubs away from roof edges to avoid damage. Cut back any overhanging tree branches: this should be done either by trimming the branch with heavy duty gardening scissors or lopping it off at ground level to make sure that water is running away from the roof rather than collecting on top of it and causing damage.
  • Check the flashing: take care to examine all sections of roof with a good view from below, including up and down gutters in order to check for leaks or damage that might have been caused by wear and tear over time.
  • Checking the pitch/angle of your roof: you’ll need some kind of long pole (such as an extension ladder) which will help you measure the angle at which water runs off when it rains on different parts of your house; if too steep then extra tiles may be needed – especially near drains where dampness is likely to occur more often than elsewhere due to gravity’s effect on rainwater flow.
  • Examine eaves troughs: this one can sometimes get overlooked but make sure  you give your eaves troughs a thorough examination and replace or clean them if they are old, rusty, full of leaves etc.
  • Check chimney stacks for leaks: this might sound like an odd one but just because you don’t light fires in winter doesn’t mean there’s not still wear and tear going on inside your house – an occasional burst pipe could cause serious structural problems so check all around both sides of any wood stove/fireplace (inside)



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We can maintain Slate roofs in the following ways

  • One is to use an acid wash that helps remove accumulated debris without harming the coating material; it also removes moss for easier maintenance.
  • The other way is using an ammonium chloride solution that controls algae growth as well as discoloration problems like green stains and blue black spots due to oxidization of copper materials used in slates’ manufacture.

These options, however, have varying degrees of success depending on the manufacturer. The first option is best for slate roofs with a base coat protected by an acid-resistant paint finish which has not been penetrated or corroded by the environment. The second option works well for roofing materials that are in good condition and have enough copper content to withstand oxidation.

Slate roofs can last up to 100 years if they’re maintained properly as long as there’s no significant exposure to sulfuric air pollution like from factories near the home.

We maintain bitumen roofs

  • by monthly inspections of your roof to identify any potential problems and address them before they become a costly repair.
  • by avoiding rooftop planting, using a roof rake to remove leaves and debris from the surface of your roof
  • by applying sealant every two years or so.

Stone tiles should be checked annually as they will naturally erode at their edges with time; although there’s no need for these to be replaced unless they break off completely, more often than not replacement stones will need laying when new ones become available from suppliers who specialize in stone roofing supplies.

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