Roof Maintenance

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you, whether it’s a new or existing building, we have the expertise to install any type of rubber roofing system on your property.

Why Roof Maintenance is Important

Questions around roof maintenance are very important! Roof maintenance includes inspections, surveys and leak detection – three things that will help keep the exterior dry as well as prevent corrosion on metal or concrete surfaces from occurring.

For homes with tile roofs we offer sealant coating applications in between visits which are inexpensive ways to stop any leaks before they happen! We also offer roof assessments and surveys so if you are looking to sell your home or just want a fresh assessment of what needs done before the next storm season approaches we can help.

Our years of experience in leak detection allows us locate and fix leaks before they cause any damage to your property.

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Roof Inspection

We carry out a thorough examination for defects and damage to the roof. We offer professional service including rooftop inspections, surveys and leak detection services with years of experience so you can be confident knowing we will complete. Methods utilized in roof inspection include


Roofing survey

We carry out a visual inspection to identify the current condition of a home’s roof. This will include a visual examination of the exterior part of your roof, including the covering and any trim. This inspection is detailed and covers of all components, from top to bottom and inside out. Roof surveys are not designed specifically for leak detection but they can provide a picture of what is going on with your home’s exterior that will help you identify potential problems before leaks develop or get worse.


Roof Leak detection

Roof leak location via various methods such as infrared scanning or acoustic technology. We use a variety of tools and techniques to locate roof leaks. This could be anything from applying water onto the roof surface, using infrared scanning or penetrating probe testing which uses an electric current.

Infrared scan: An analysis technique that detects moisture by using heat sensors which are sensitive to temperature changes caused by differences in emissivity.

Roof Maintenance Tips

  • Sealant coating application in between visits: Sealant applied over roof tiles for waterproof protection during periods when no work is being performed on a property’s roof.
  • We also specialize in rooftop cleaning services that will extend the life of your roofing system by removing dirt, moss, lichen and other debris that collects near the ridge caps on roofs where rainwater quickly accumulates. between these types of roofs – so be sure to get professional advice first!

Read more roofing maintenance tips here. See all our roofing services at the Trust Roofing Services Homepage.

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