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A roof report is a document that details information about both the report’s contents and the conditions of the roof. It provides an overview of the roof’s current condition, maintenance history, problems, solutions, improvement options, costs to solve identified problem(s), projected maintenance schedule if no work is done, etc. Depending on its purpose it may also contain other information such as warranty information or building inspection reports.

Roof surveys are usually performed for one of two reasons: either to assess the existing condition of a pre-purchase property in order to determine whether there are any repairs required before purchase; or to identify repairs required after the damage has already occurred. A roof survey may be compulsory prior to purchase where structural defects are suspected within the property. This is to ensure that any problems are identified prior to completion of the sale (in England and Wales, this also applies to houses built before 1945). It is recommended that you always get a home inspector/roofer to perform an inspection on your house, especially if it has never been done before.

As part of the process, the roofer may inspect common problem areas such as flashings (the connection between two different types of material in roof construction), chimneys, skylights, or dormers. It is worth noting however that in some cases certain defects might go unnoticed even with close inspection. For example, minor damp penetration within walls or ceilings can frequently be difficult to spot when looking at internal wall structure from the outside. Similarly, water penetration into basement walls may not necessarily be visible externally. In these cases, it is advisable that affected areas are opened up and inspected from the inside.

A general roof inspection should not take over an hour and in most cases, your roofer should be able to produce a report within 24 hours (ideally). If the inspector finds any issue, they will explain it to you and provide you with details on what needs to be done in order for these issues to be resolved. Your roofer may also recommend that the rest of the structure is checked such as pointing and flashings to ensure there are no other problems. This can add another 15-30 minutes to the inspection time if required.

There are a number of occasions when a roof report or roof survey is required, the main reasons being insurance purposes and pre-purchase research. The term roof survey can often be confused because many people use it to describe all types of surveying and building inspections, while others mean specific types such as electrical surveys and structural surveys.

At Trust Roofing we define a roof report as: A written document providing an overview of an existing or proposed roof covering, specifying its condition; usually includes photographs.

A roof survey on the other hand is: A detailed visual inspection of a roof structure, including taking measurements (where appropriate) and other observations in order to report on its present condition and proposals for remedial action.

The survey of a flat roof is a visual inspection of the internal and external cladding, drainage system and insulation. The condition of the insulation is measured against current building regulations by checking for depth of cover, degradation and moisture content. A detailed report with photos is provided within 48 hours.

Typical jobs that we inspect are listed below:

 In many cases, it can be more beneficial for people to put aside a percentage from their monthly income in order to pay for regular inspections rather than opt for an insurance policy where they’ll never know what happens when they need it most.

This free roof reports guide will provide some advice on how to avoid paying for unnecessary surveys later down the line. For example, if you are new to the UK and have just bought your first property you will need to get yourself a roof report. This is different from a survey of your property. The ‘roof report’ would provide more detailed information on the condition of the roof in addition to some general advice which, in turn, could help prevent potential problems in the future.

When comparing prices for roof surveys, people may find that ten or fifteen pounds per month is not too much money in order to save themselves hundreds or potentially thousands of pounds when something goes wrong with their home roof.

It’s important when looking at quotes for these types of reports to make sure that they are coming from a reputable company who will give you the correct information and guide you through what sort of things might go wrong with your roof at home.

The potential for issues with roofs is high, and if you find yourself in a situation where the roof has become damaged and needs repairing or replacing, it then it can be extremely difficult to work out how much money needs to be spent on getting your roof fixed. This is because none of these repairs will ever happen at the same time and each one should only take around half a day or so to get done.

The other thing which people need to bear in mind when thinking about roof surveys is that there may be an issue with their roof which could potentially cause them problems  in the future if it needs to be fixed or taken care of. When roofs go wrong, they tend to give a lot of problems before they can be properly identified and fixed. It is therefore very important for you to check your roof regularly so that you know exactly what state it is in and how much money might need spending on repairs.

If you find yourself in this situation then, you will probably want to know more about roof reports and survey work. This article aims to provide all of the information which people might need when thinking about getting surveys done on their roofs.

Residential roof inspection and a roof survey is often seen as a way of reducing your insurance premiums. However, the reality is that most insurance policies will give you a £1500-£2500 excess if something goes wrong with your property. In addition, there are always unforeseen problems which tend to be the ones which take the time and cost too much money.

It can be difficult knowing where to start when looking for information about roofing issues and surveys, however there are some key things which people should look out for and this includes finding out whether any roof survey has been carried out and having a professional inspection done.

To determine if your roof requires any work you should check with the insurance company to see what they require in terms of inspections and reports. Some ask for an annual inspection whilst others only request it every few years, which means that you need to find out how often it needs to be completed before arranging anything like this. The following is some key information about residential roof surveys and inspections:

Eleven points will help people who are looking into getting a general idea of what they entail; these include:


What type of report and assessment will you receive?

Standard: This is very basic and usually consists of 16 specific points which can be used by most people/companies who are in the business of doing repairs and maintenance.

What is a standard roof survey?

This is a visual inspection of the customer’s property including the roof, to check for any visible signs which may indicate that there may be a problem with it. The report will not give much detailed information about what exactly has been found at this point however, as they only consist of general points rather than specific details.

How useful are standard roof surveys?

As they do not include any indication of what parts need to be checked or repaired, if anything is identified then their usefulness will depend on whether or not you have a contractor to hand. If you do not have one working alongside your surveyor then you may need to pay for the services of one yourself.

Also, as they are not very in depth it makes them just about useful enough if your only aim is to check how much life left there is in the roof.However, they will become more practical when used alongside a roof condition report. This report will provide an additional level of detail so that any problems which have been identified can be examined further or dealt with separately – depending on whether or not there are any immediate concerns. Furthermore, this information can also help you to better understand what type of repairs or replacements you need and how much they could potentially cost to make good.

How often should I get a survey carried out?

As often as you think it’s necessary or practical to do so. Roofs are the most prominent feature of any building and an integral part of its structure, so it is essential to know just how long they’re likely to last. If you’re planning on selling the property in future or refinancing your mortgage ,you might want to consider having a thorough survey carried out before putting the house on the market . This will provide you with information about what needs doing and exactly when – allowing you to plan ahead accordingly.

If there are properties in the area which have recently been surveyed, it may also be useful for prospective buyers who could use this to negotiate a lower price for themselves by pointing out that certain repairs need doing in the near future.

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