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Slate Roof

These types of roofs will usually have either limestone tiles for an authentic look, one that is more durable but also requires more upkeep (like sealing), while other options may use slate which needs less frequent attention yet isn’t as resilient. Slate and tile roofs have a longer lifespan than other types of roofing materials but you’ll want to make sure that any storm damage is taken care of quickly!

Slate roofs have naturally occurring voids between slate sheets; these spaces may fill with water when rain falls on the roof’s surface because they don’t drain as quickly as other types of material used for roofs. This is why some people choose to coat their slates with tar or another form of waterproofing before replacing them if needed – but this isn’t always an ideal solution. The best way to protect your roof is by installing a strong, durable product that can withstand extreme weather conditions like snowfall or hail.

Slate Roof Repair

Damage to slate roofs can be caused by ice dams during winter months which leads to water getting underneath the shingles that freezes inside. This causes pressure from the weight of snow against the thawing ice dam which forces water up through pores in stone slates causing leaks around vents, penetrations , and nail heads. Some repairs will require new slates laid down; others may only involve re-pointing, or repairing just the damaged area.

If there is a damaged slate, it’s important to repair the individual piece as quickly as possible. We do this using  epoxy adhesive or by using liquid nails, silicone cement or roofing tar which will help seal leaks that may cause further damage elsewhere in your home!

In order for water to leak through and get into joints of metal roofs during winter months you’ll need ice damming which causes snow build up on the roof surface blocking drainage from occurring properly at gutters and downspouts. You might find yourself having problems if there are gaps between seams where wind-driven rain can enter and pond over time causing stains inside your home due to improper ventilation! To avoid these issues, we make proper rain gutters and downspouts that keep water from pooling are properly installed.

In summary, the following damage can occur to slate roofs:

  • Ice damming, which is the accumulation of ice on the roof surface that covers gutters and downspouts causing water to pond inside your home.
  • Warping due to extreme heat or cold can lead to cracks in tile slates. These are usually found at chimneys and valleys where more sun exposure occurs than other parts of a house!
  • Creep deformation (moving) caused by moisture seeping into rock materials will expand over time as it freezes and thaws leading to cracking tiles. This is typically seen with loose shingle roofs not properly fastened together during installation! To avoid this problem make sure you use nails, silicone cement or roofing tar which will help seal leaks that may cause further damage.
  • A leak in a chimney can lead the water to travel down through the bricks then soak up any available space below your shingles causing them to loosen and eventually curl off at the edges due to their own weight! In order for these types of problems from becoming worse please contact us today so we can find out what needs completed on your roof and make sure it’s repaired and the problem is fixed.

When slate roof damage is observed, repair options that can be carried out include:

  • Replacing the broken slates and installing a sealant to ensure that no water can pass through.
  • Cutting out all damaged areas of slate roofing, replacing them with new ones and sealing off the edges so no water seeps in.

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