Squirrel Damage Repair Nottingham

Squirrel damage to garage roofs is not uncommon. The first step in repairing squirrel damage to your garage roof is sealing all the holes that are allowing them access. If there are any openings around vents, pipes or cables, they should be blocked as well. You can use a combination of steel wool and caulking compound for small gaps up to about an inch wide while larger ones may require some metal sheeting.

After you have closed off their entrance points it’s time to fix the actual damage by replacing shingles or individual pieces of plywood where necessary depending on the extent of destruction done by these little creatures during their search for food under your roof. Squirrels tend to cause most roof damage at least once during winter when temperatures drop and nuts stored underground become too hard so this is another time of year you need to watch out for them. If a squirrel is found on your garage roof or in the attic don’t try and get rid of it yourself; most likely you’ll end up with an injured animal that may bite back which could lead to serious health risks as well as injuries if not treated properly immediately after exposure.

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